Kind to your skin and to the planet. 

Our conscious goals are the inspiration behind our advanced technology.

We only engineer products that are fully recyclable, free of solvents and silicones, with no use of water, and zero release of microplastics pollution into the air and water.

  • Recyclability

    NYLSTAR's premium products are fully recyclable and circular. At the end of its life, the hyaluronan pillowcase and its protector can be sent to our Collecting & Recycling Center where we will give it a new life.

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  • Zero Solvents

    Developed with premium NYLSTAR yarns with outstanding properties without the need for any topical chemical treatments.

    No use of silicones or softeners is needed to enhance the touch of these products.

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  • Zero Water

    NYLSTAR developed a sustainable waterless dyeing technology called Ecodye. This process offers a high quality color with excellent fastness properties, greater absorption, and a softer touch, along with being environmentally friendly.

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  • Zero Microplastics

    Microplastic pollution is currently one of the most serious environmental problems. Up to 700,000 microplastics can be released in a standard wash. Our products are certified as zero microplastic pollution into the air and water.

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